• Holiday Recipe - Apple Butter

    Holiday Recipe - Apple Butter

    Here's the recipe for our apple butter, the secret ingredient in our fresh made smoked turkey on cranberry loaf sandwich, now on our new winter menu. And...the perfect pairing for those holiday leftovers! APPLE BUTTER - Makes 1 ½ Quart 6 lbs Granny Smith apples and a crisp red, such as Cox’s Orange Pippin12 fl oz Apple Cider Vinegar24 fl oz Water 8 oz White Sugar1 ½ tsp Ground Cinnamon½ tsp Ground Cloves½ tsp Ground Allspice 1 T Lemon Juice 1. Cut the apples into quarters, without peeling or coring (much of the pectin is in the cores and flavour in the peels), if...

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  • Holiday drinks now available in our cafés, for a limited time only

    Holiday drinks now available in our cafés, for a limited time only

    Only available now through the new year holidays, Caffe Artigiano is offering four special drinks this season,  in addition to the classic eggnog latte. Orange Mocha Latte, chocolate and espresso balance out this subtle Italian flavour combination. Topped with a creamy milk foam, and if you choose to enjoy your coffee in our cafes, we top it with a crisp orange slice that has been sprinkled with sugar, then dehydrated overnight in a convection oven. Next up, a Toasted Marshmallow Latte, fun, sprinkled with mini marshmallows with a serious double shot of espresso. Two Christmas inspired drinks include a Peppermint...

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  • Here's what we are roasting this week

    Here's what we are roasting this week

    Honduras Finca Liquidambar Organic Honey Microlot FInca Liquidambar certified organic coffees are produced by Roberto Rene González and his wife Odalma. Under his management, the land is on it's way to being recognized as a bio-reserve. The Gonzalez's commitment to building a better future extends past their sustainable agricultural practices and into fostering an improved community through employment, youth activities and infrastructure in partnership with local school and organizations.  Processed using the environmentally friendly honey method, where the fruit’s mucilage is left on the coffee see while drying, resulting in a full-bodied coffee that still maintains the clarity and nuance that...

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  • Holiday Gifts, Boxed Sets and Gift Cards

    Holiday Gifts, Boxed Sets and Gift Cards

    It's getting to be that time of the year and our Christmas elves have been hard at work. By next week all the gift boxes should be in the stores for that coffee lover on your gift list and look for our special holiday drinks to be on the menu December 1st.

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  • Newly Renovated Hornby Location

    Newly Renovated Hornby Location

    Come check out our new, improved look!  Working with Vancouver's Box Interior Design, after a short closure we have redesigned our Hornby Street location with a fresh, sleek, yet still warmly Italian look. Deep, warm leather bench style seating has a richness offset against crisp white tile. Eggplant leather chairs add a touch of subtle colour against a background of classic black and white tiled flooring and cabinet work is a simple, elegant white allowing the beautiful Italian espresso machines to shine. We are thrilled to re-open and welcome back our valued customers, local business people and hotel guests back to Caffè Artigiano....

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  • Caffe Artigiano & Vancouver's Box Design partner on stunning Park Royal renovation

    Caffe Artigiano & Vancouver's Box Design partner on stunning Park Royal renovation

    Have a peek inside Caffe Artigiano's newly designed Park Royal location - Gail Johnson, Georgia Straight Newspaper 

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