Brazil Fazenda Piedade

Brazil Fazenda Piedade

Producer: The Taveres Family
Location: Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais
Elevation: 1200 meters
Variety: Mundo Novo
We are excited to offer a new seasonal coffee on our menu. We love this excellent Brazilian offering, and believe it to be a great representation of the hard work of a quality producer.

Fazenda Piedade can be purchased online from our store or in any of our Calgary or Lower Mainland locations.

Cerrado Mineiro is famous for its high quality coffee production, and is an officially recognized Deséignation of Origin for coffee. It is here in 1968, among the green hill and the mountains of Minas Gerais that Hélio Tavares, a civil engineer turned farmer, inherited Fazenda Piedade. 

Over the next three decades he expanded and modernized his farm and techniques to produce high quality coffee and pick only the ripest cherries. His passion was passed onto his three children, who all went on to study agronomy and after his passing, in 1999, continue to manage the farm along wtih his widow.  Today housing, meals, medical care and professional and safety training are all provided to the farm’s seasonal and permanent workers. Children are also given access to schooling. Modern and high quality equipment is used in the processing, along with a legal conservation area, to perserve native flora and fauna while increasing biodiversity.

In the cup Fazenda Piedade is rich and well structured, with flavours of roasted nuts and caramel.



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