Here's what we are roasting this week

Here's what we are roasting this week

Honduras Finca Liquidambar Organic Honey Microlot

FInca Liquidambar certified organic coffees are produced by Roberto Rene González and his wife Odalma. Under his management, the land is on it's way to being recognized as a bio-reserve. The Gonzalez's commitment to building a better future extends past their sustainable agricultural practices and into fostering an improved community through employment, youth activities and infrastructure in partnership with local school and organizations. 

Processed using the environmentally friendly honey method, where the fruit’s mucilage is left on the coffee see while drying, resulting in a full-bodied coffee that still maintains the clarity and nuance that is signature to Central American coffees.  Rich and juicy, Liquidambar is boldly flavoured with prominent notes of chocolate and green apple with a mouthfeel and finish reminiscent of cane syrup. 

Caffe Artigiano Holiday Private Reserve; A blend of Bali Organic Kintamani, Honduras Organic Finca Liquadambar and Ethiopian Limu Gera 

Grown in three different continents, a trio of coffees combine into into this enticing seasonal take on our signature espresso. Exotic spicy flavours, including notes of molasses,  mandarin, strawberry preserve and star anise pair with dark chocolate flavours of Artigiano’s signature espresso

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