About Us

Our Values

Caffe Artigiano has always believed that its passion for coffee and, to a stronger extent, commitment to the community and people it serves, are the principles around which the entire brand should pivot. 

Since opening our first store in 1999, we dedicated ourselves to earning the trust and respect of our customers, partners and neighbours and promoting environmental sustainability. 

Our social corporate responsibility and sustainability is committed to brewing the highest quality coffee in a way that positively impacts the planet and those who share it. 
By making simple changes and better choices, we can all play a role in creating positive change both locally and globally

Our Journey Towards Sustainability

A true artisan sweats the small stuff and obsesses over the details; relentless in their journey towards perfection.

For Caffe Artigiano, the quest to create the perfect artisanal coffee extends beyond our beans, to the fields, farmers, products and processes we work with every day.

Our coffee sourcing values distinct quality, sustainability and the fostering of relationships with the communities involved in producing it. The diverse tastes and aromas that present themselves in each of our roasts work to complement our select offering of baked goods, homemade soups and sandwiches.

Here are just some of the ways Caffe Artigiano is working to reduce its environmental footprint:

  • Reducing packaging, like straws, sugar packets, water bottles, coffee bags, plastic bags, etc.
  • Incentivizing in-store service over take-out
  • Serving locally-sourced foods with natural, organic ingredients.
  • An improving recycling policy across all 15 stores