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Sandwiches & Salads
Fresh Italian sandwiches available at select caffès.
Antionette cage-free scrambled eggs, nut-free pesto, with country ham and swiss cheese. Served on a soft brioche bun.  $6.00
Pavarotti green, olive tapenade mortadella, country ham, smoked salami, & provolone. Served on herbed focaccia. $9.75
Francesco  albacore tuna, creamy citrus mayo dressing, sharp cheddar served on bianca pizza flatbread. $9.75
Paulino breaded chicken breast, roasted garlic aioli, mozzarella, marinara sauce & arugula. Served in Italian piadina flatbread. $9.75
Four Cheese & Tomato Piadina asiago, parmesan, mozza, goat cheese, heirloom tomatoes & arugula $8.00
Valentina vegan, cashew cheese, carrot hummus, broccoli slaw, bean tendrils served on multigrain $7.95
Massimo smoked turkey, apple butter, mayo, sharp cheddar, butter lettuce served on cranberry country loaf $9.75
Insalate Beatrice
Heritage green mix, pea tendrils, egg, radish, chickpeas, cucumber, carrots, roasted salted soy nuts, & champagne vinaigrette
Pasta Eh Basta
gluten-free penne, almond basil pesto, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, toasted hemp seeds (contains nuts) $4.25
Insalate Cecilia market greens, farro, butternut squash, lemon dijon vinaigrette, cranberries, soy beans, toasted pumpkin seeds and goat cheese $8.50


Sweets & Treats
Delicious Italian pastries and snacks at select Caffès.

Fruit & Nut Scone raisins, currents, nut selection $3.24
Chocolate Chip Cookie mid-sweet chocolate chips, cacao, cinnamon cookie $2.38
Sexy Dark Chocolate Cookie  mid-sweet chocolate chips, dark chocolate, cacao cookie $2.95
White Chocolate & Apricot Biscotti dried apricot, cinnamon, white chocolate biscotti $2.95
Four Cheese & Tomato Piadina asiago, parmesan, mozza, goat cheese, heirloom tomatoes & arugula $8.00
Organic Sweet Jelly Beans Multi-flavour Jelly Beans

 coming soon

Fruit & Nut Trail Mix

Mixed nuts and sweets, packed with protein
 coming soon


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