Our Community

Community Stewardship

As a small business, we feel that we have a responsibility to look after our community, which includes our customers, our team members, our suppliers and, ultimately, our environment. We are constantly searching for ways in which we can be better community stewards and encourage more sustainable practices, which improve the health and welfare of everyone involved. 

Local Comes First

We prioritize the sourcing of local products from community suppliers we trust who also value artisanal ingredients and favour small-batch, traditional methods. We prepare as much as we can in our own commissary kitchen. Our coffee beans are roasted locally by our Master Roasters in our Burnaby Roastery and, over the years, they have developed quite the local following! We supply our cafés with fresh products and coffee beans each day to ensure the very best quality.

Traditional Ingredients

We believe that when it comes to food and drink, traditional methods of preparation, flavours and ingredients are superior to fast, convenient and processed products that proliferate the food retail market. To maintain our commitment to quality, we always choose organic, where possible, for our coffee beans, milk, croissants, baked goods and bread. We truly believe that in order to be good community and planetary stewards, we need to serve food and drink that has been grown and prepared with the least amount of chemical and synthetic inputs. Where we are not able to source organic ingredients, we choose local products with real food ingredients and from suppliers who share our priorities.

Mitigating our Environmental Impact

We can’t in good conscience exist as a business and not try to mitigate the impact our operations have on our community and environment as a whole. Whilst most of us have heard of the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), it is often easier said than done. We are frustrated, as you probably are, when we hear of how many single-use coffee cups end up in landfills. In Vancouver, we are lucky that single-use coffee cups can be recycled if they are placed in the blue recycling bins. However, the reality is that so many don’t. As part of our ongoing stewardship campaign, we want to encourage and incentivize both our team members and our customers to make small changes to help reduce our overall impact, e.g. reusable cups, reducing single-use plastics, customer access to well-labelled recycling bins. We are constantly training our team members to assist our customers and to help them avoid single-use packaging unless absolutely necessary. We regularly use social media campaigns to promote ways in which we can all make small changes that have a hugely positive impact on reducing waste. We always welcome a dialogue with our customers and love to hear new ideas that might help us achieve our sustainability goals!