Artigiano Community Outdoor Mural

Let's have coffee.

Bringing people together to enjoy great coffee, but also to support local art, culture and sports plays in important role in connecting individuals and communities. We have been...


Connecting people though art
Artigiano - Connecting people though art - interior mural by Peter Ricq

In 2020, we partnered with Vancouver Mural Art Society and revealed our first murals at our new Mount Pleasant location on Manitoba and Broadway, created by Peter Ricq.


Connecting people through sport
Artogiano - connecting people through sport

Soccer is the world’s most-played sport and has the power to unite people to support their teams. We have been involved with Langford’s Pacific FC, supporting Canadian soccer talent as well as affordable soccer games as family entertainment.

At the same time we are actively involved with the Little League Canada Baseball and Softball, teaching life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities.


Connecting people through support

Bringing hope and comfort to the most vulnerable members of our community has been an integral part of our social responsibility. We have been partnering with local organizations to make a meaningful difference in our communities.

Connecting people through relationships
Artigiano Coffee Beans

Our coffee sourcing values distinct quality, sustainability and the fostering of relationships with the communities involved in producing it. We select our farmers around the world, by being a loyal long-term partner in their business through good times and bad.