The Academy

The Artigiano Academy offers a career path to learn the craft, to become a true coffee artisan. We have created this program to develop the next generation of coffee making greats. The Academy includes 5 levels: Protégé (I, II, III), Barista, Mentor, Artisan, Master. As you move through the Academy, you will have the opportunity to create new drinks, to compete locally and nationally, and create ways to ‘Pay it Forward’ in our community.

Caffe Artigiano Academy - Protégé

Broken into three levels, Protégé is how you will spend your first three months at Artigiano. First, learn the basics, the plays, and the experience. Next, learn the practical skills you need to ensure every guest leaves brighter and get introduced to coffee and tea. Finally, learn the skills you need for behind the bar; dialling in espresso, milk techniques and latte art.

Caffe Artigiano Academy - Barista

After a team member completes their first three months and Protégé training they will now be a Barista. This level is focused around building your knowledge of coffee. This is where you get to thrive. Compete in competitions, experiment with latte art, learn from the Artisans and Masters on the team, and become part of the family!

Caffe Artigiano Academy - Mentor

Now that you know how to make coffee, the Mentor level is where you start to test that knowledge and pay it forward.

Caffe Artigiano Academy - Artisan

This is where we separate the wannabe’s from the experts. Coffee education and craft explodes on the Artisan level filled with theory, lab-time, and expanding your skills.

Caffe Artigiano Academy - Master

When the Master level is achieved, you will join an elite few in becoming an expert of the trade. You will be deep in knowledge, an artist, and permanently celebrated in songs of coffee folklore forever!

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