Quick reference to the best brew methods

Use this guide to help you make the best cup of coffee with the equipment you have. Adjust recipes to your taste!

Caffe Artigiano Brew Method - Espresso


1. Fine grind  2. Add grinds to basket  3. Tamp gently and evenly  4. Start shot  5. Ideal 2oz espresso will extract in 20-30 seconds  6. Serve and enjoy!


Caffe Artigiano Brew Method - French Press

French Press

1. Boil water  2. Coarse grind (like coarse salt)  3. Add 1 tbsp per cup water  4. Add hot water and gently stir  5. Brew for 4 minutes  6. Press and serve


Caffe Artigiano Brew Method - Filter or Drip Brew

Filter or Drip Brew

1. Medium grind (like sand)  2. Add 1–2 tbsp per cup water  3. Add cold water to brewer  4. Brew and enjoy!


Caffe Artigiano Brew Method - Pour Over

V60 Pour Over

1. Boil water  2. Medium grind (like sand) 28g (3–4 tbsp)  3. 380g (16 oz mug) hot water  4. Bloom for 30 seconds, (wet the grinds)  5. Pour remainder of water slowly, over 1.5 minutes  6. Will take another minute to finish brewing and enjoy!


Caffe Artigiano Brew Method - Chemex


1. Medium coarse grind 50g (6 tbsp)  2. 700g hot water  3. 30 second bloom  4. 2.5 minute pour  5. Wait 2 minutes to finish brewing and enjoy!