Love of the game!

In this artwork, my aim was to embody the dynamic essence of sports within the arena. I sought to portray the energy and motion of football, soccer, and lacrosse players, pushing the boundaries of visual representation to compel viewers to take a second look. Employing a distinctive painting style, I imbued an illusion of movement in the athletes' depictions. An interesting aspect of this project was its execution on a tiered overhead canvas, cleverly altering the observer's perspective depending on their vantage point. By integrating this element, I sought to engage the audience actively, encouraging them to explore different angles and experience the artwork in diverse ways. For me, sports hold profound significance in our community, symbolizing unity and togetherness. Through this artwork, I aimed to magnify the profound communal spirit they embody, celebrating Vancouver's athletic culture and the sense of cohesion it brings to our lives.